METACRAWLER A search engine that searches other search engines! "An excellent search tool that combines results from several engines to create a comprehensive hotlist of web resources for any query." - WebCrawler
ALTAVISTA Canada Offering compact or detailed searches through what the company claims is the largest Web index, Digital Equipment Corporation's Alta Vista can help you find your way through 8 billion words filling 30 million Web pages. It also provides a full-text index of more than 13,000 newsgroups.
Ask Jeeves! A unique new search engine. Instead of typing in keywords, ask a question. Jeeves will try to come up with the correct answer, while also searching search engines to compile a list of sites from which you may find the answer to your question. Great for newbies!.
C|NETS SHAREWARE.COM c|net's makes it simple to find software on the Internet. More than 170,000 files are available for easy searching, browsing, and downloading from shareware and corporate archives on the Internet. According to Newsweek, " does for software what Yahoo did for finding Web sites."
CANADA 411 DIRECTORY Canada411 is the Internet version of Canada's telephone companies' white pages. It contains Canadian residential and business telephone listings -- first service of its kind by and for Canadians! It is like having a HUGE phone book right at your fingertips. Canada411 does not include unlisted or private phone numbers. This means that you can trust the integrity of this service.
THE ELECTRIC LIBRARY CANADA Rather than searching the Web, check out this site's contents! Launch comprehensive searches across this extensive database of more than 1000 full-text newspapers, magazines, and academic journals, images, reference books, literature, and art.
EXCITE Can't describe exactly what you're looking for? Excite's unique concept-based navigation technology may help you find it anyway. Excite's Web index is deep, broad, and current: It covers the full text of 11.5 million pages and is updated weekly. And Excite's team of expert journalists offer reviews of 55,000 sites. Plus Usenet newsgroups, hourly news, commentary, and the Web's first interactive cartoon.
HOTBOT This is an interesting search engine. Give it a try.
INFOSEEK GUIDE Rated the number one search service by PC Computing, Infoseek Guide helps you find what you're looking for on the Net, for free. With each search, you get the most relevant matches, related topics to explore, and timely news and views from popular magazines, TV networks, and the best online experts. Infoseek Guide also makes it easy to find email addresses, stock quotes, company profiles, and more.
LYCOS This comprehensive catalog of the Internet finds what you need in seconds, including text, graphics, sounds, and videos. PC World magazine recently rated Lycos best of the top 11 Internet search engines in both quality of information and relevancy of results.
MAGELLAN We've seen it all, so you don't have to. Dial Magellan, the voice of the Internet. We manage the absurdity of searching billions of words, and we have the one thing none of our competitors have...real stars. Check us out!
THE FOUR 11 DIRECTORY The Four11 directory is a free online search and listing service. In addition to providing a complete U.S. telephone white pages directory and over 7 million unique email address listings, Four11 includes address information about personal Web pages, Internet Telephone and video phone listings, digital business cards, and digital PGP certificates which enable secure email. Four11 was recently chosen to provide email information to Yahoo!'s new "People Search" service.
WEBCRAWLER This popular site offers a speedy Web search engine and a random-links feature to find new and unusual sites. It also features a list of the 25 most visited sites on the Web.
YAHOO! Canada Arguably the pioneer Internet guide, Yahoo! has been organizing Web content since what seems like the beginning of it all. Updated daily, Yahoo! allows users to both browse and search subject categories. In addition to using Yahoo!'s search functions, check out up-to-the-minute sports scores, weather, headlines, and stock quotes.